Project - Flatpack2

The Flatpack2, a high voltage and high current power supply produced by Eltek, was chosen as the main power supply in an amateur radio amplifier project. The supplies are configured from the factory to produce 50 V, however the application required a 48 V supply.

It was known that the output voltage of the power supplies could be adjusted, however the method to do so was not well documented publicly. This project aimed to better document the CAN bus protocol used by the power supply, and provide example schematics, hardware designs and microcontroller code to interact with the supplies.

A PCB to connect to the supply's card edge connector was developed, along with a CAN bus transceiver based on the MCP2551 and MCP2515 ICs which could be interfaced with a general purpose MCU.

You can view the project on GitHub here.

The Eltek Flatpack2, pictured with edge connector and CAN transceiver connected

The CAN transceiver board

The edge connector PCB